This is rock! This is Shanghai! – Download “We Are Shanghai”

As others have pointed out, the Shanghai scene has a new masterpiece of music out: the compilation record WE ARE SHANGHAI featuring 20 local Shanghai rock, punk and indie bands hammering their way into the ears of the 2000s generation.

As a statement to the world, Zangnan Records, Luwan Rock and Twin Horizons kicked out this record with foreigner and Chinese only bands hoping to be able to make a second compilation soon with a more heavier influence. Meanwhile … head over to bandcamp and get the download.


  1. Duck Fight Goose – Light is God’s Bread
  2. Boys Climbing Ropes – The Knitting Song
  3. Stegosaurus? – Stinky Tofu
  4. The Beat Bandits – Sukiyaki Beat
  5. Break for Borneo – Complicated
  6. Friend or Foe – Crazy Eye (The Horses Remix)
  7. The Dangxin Mofos – Geeky Boy
  8. Rainbow Danger Club – Drown The Creatures
  9. X is Y – Never Sever
  10. Pairs – I Wanna Die in the Ocean
  11. Dragon Pizza – Bomb Cola
  12. Moon Tyrant – I am the Way
  13. The Fever Machine – Heartbrokenbleedin’ Again
  14. The Instigation – No Way Out
  15. The Horde – Beijing Sucks
  16. Sonnet – Perfect Son
  17. The Song Dynasty – Slow
  18. Top Floor Circus – 进来白相相 (Jin Lai Bu Xiang Xiang)

Digital Only Tracks

  1. Baltic States – The North Sea
  2. Little Punk – I’m Not in the Mood for Making a Song

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