Discovering and Purchasing Chinese Rock Music


A nice summary for American rock fans on how to find and purchase Chinese Rock Music, especially if one cannot read Chinese and thus cannot use Douban.


Finding Music:
When it comes to Chinese music, it’s hard for a foreigner who has hardly any prior exposure to Asian music to discover new bands to add to their repertoire of music. The point of this post is to hopefully help people who have a general interest in Chinese music that has no connection to the Mandopop and Cantopop movements. It’s not that I find these genres of music to be terrible, I’m just ready to broaden my horizons when it comes to Chinese music in general, and think its time for the rock scenes in China to get a little bit more exposure. So, with that said, the purpose of this post is to help someone learn how to search for Chinese rock, indie, punk, and other forms of musical entertainment that hardly get any exposure on mainstream western websites.

I’ve broken the ways of finding music into…

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