Interview with Arcane Saints on their 2011 China tour

Arcane Saints, an Australian hard rock / metal band went on a 6-city tour through China in October 2011. Rock in China interviewed them on their experience. Azchael for Rock in China and Jim for Arcane Saints.

Azchael: Can you briefly introduce yourself and Arcane Saints?
Jim (Arcane Saints): My name is Jim, bass player, back up vocalist and nocturnal activities advisor. We are the Arcane Saints, dirty rock/metal hedonists that go hard on stage and off!

Azchael: How did you get the idea of coming to China in the first place?
Jim (Arcane Saints): We talked to a fellow Melbourne band that made the trip and decided we had to do it.

Azchael: How did you get in contact with Tom of This Town Touring?
Jim (Arcane Saints): We contacted him through This Town Touring’s website.

Azchael: Can you describe your experience in one sentence?
Jim (Arcane Saints): Best time of our lives!

Azchael: If you have a chance to visit any city again of your tour, which one would it be?
Jim (Arcane Saints): 2 cities: Wuhan, because we let them down after we missed a train, and Shanghai, because we have a love affair with the BM club, and unfinished business with the Prison Break tattoo parlour.

Azchael: Have you had a chance to see any Chinese bands playing and if yes, which one would you think is fit for playing in your home town?
Jim (Arcane Saints): All the bands we played with on our tour would do the business in Australia, we were backed up by consistently strong bands!

Azchael: How did you overcome the financial constraints of the tour?
Jim (Arcane Saints): The same way we overcome all our financial constraints: We work our asses off, save up whatever we need to stay alive, and hit the road! Plus we had a very good friend kick in some cash to help with airfares.

Azchael: What your plans for 2012? Will you come to China again?
Jim (Arcane Saints): We are embarking on an Australian tour over 2 months and then, in late April, we are coming to Canada and China for more international touring madness! We may even throw in some recording in March.

Azchael: How can I buy / get your music in China?
Jim (Arcane Saints): At the moment it can be done following links on our facebook and myspace pages to buy online.

Azchael: Do you have China Tour T-Shirts?
Jim (Arcane Saints): Working on it. By the time we hit China I’m pretty sure we will be sorted.

Azchael: Thanks for the interview.
Jim (Arcane Saints): Thankyou.


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