Long Shen Dao – The Heart Guides The Way [MV] | Chinese Reggae

A cool video of one of the few reggae bands of China, Long Shen Dao. From the RiC wiki:

The dragon is the symbol of China. The gods are the source of their resolution, existence and power. The Tao (“the way”) comes from the Taoist philosophy of Laozi and points out a certain road or way of thinking. The Way of the Dragon God, (literally: dragon, gods, “the way”) is the synthesis of six uncomplicated, artistic, unaffected young people who happen to like the unfettered, free, lighthearted and borderless spirit of reggae music.

Each member of the band has participated in the recording of at least one album, and for some members this has been several albums. In the 1990s, members of the group each made a name for himself within the rock music community. After experimenting with many types of music, each member of the group discovered that reggae, given the current environment with many different definitions of value and many different spiritual approaches, is the best form of expression for him.

Read more about THE WAY OF THE DRAGON GOD ala Long Shen Dao.


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