Hi everybody,

this is our second updated of what is happening at the CORE IN CHINA project. Check out our first update to pick up where we started from. Not only have we announced to have a mastering support on board, but we also published a number of interviews with candidates for the CORE IN CHINA compilation record. For the convenience of readers in China and overseas all interviews have been doubled, on RiC wiki and the blog. We got:

Furthermore, layabozi featured the CORE IN CHINA project  and promised to review the compilation once it’s out. Thanks guys. Rock in China has further engage European media and won amongst others

  • metalunderground
  • Live Love Scream

to have a closer look on the compilation and review it. Also the bandcamp page has been registered and awaiting graphics and songs to fill it with live.

So far over 20 bands have applied and I am particularly happy to know that some amazing bands from all over the country have applied and not just Beijing or Shanghai artists. Having bands from Zhengzhou sending us songs or Chengdu screamers to react to our shout out to the scene is a reassuring fact that Chinese bands are not only eager to get on stage but also to ensure that their music can be understood across borders. Even a band from Macau has applied, which in musical terms is by far not in a good shape as Hongkong or Beijing.

Horns up, into the pit and guys, just keep it rolling!


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