Discovering Chinese Music | Bandcamp …

With the digital revolution haven taken place in China a couple of years ago, Douban, RenRen, Weibo and Xiami are dominating the social network space of Chinese language sites. Another prominent website that has attracted a number of bands is BANDCAMP. With free compilations such as WE ARE SHANGHAI online there are a total of 17 pages of albums online. Each page having 40 albums that makes over 700 albums available for listening and purchasing / sharing!

Just check the China location tag and you see what I mean.

Enough of my words and here are some examples of Chinese artists doing their thing on bandcamp:


One response to “Discovering Chinese Music | Bandcamp …

  1. Pest Productions has a bandcamp page and offeres “free listen” for all their new stuff (including stuff from the sublabels) and you can digitally buy the album on the same page.
    I know labels/bands who stream some of their songs or a medley of them, but streaming all of the songs of an album is a really nice move of them!

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