Demerit | Beijing Street Punk

Demerit is a street punk band from the capital of China, Beijing, who recently have released a split album with German hardcore band SS20. The album is available on bandcamp and the above song is taken from that.

A little bit about the band: In summer 2004, for the love of street punk life style, Li Yang (vocals/guitar), Xue Yang (bass) and Zhang Wei (drums) decided to form a band in their hometown Qingdao, Shandong Province. Later Zhang Ning joined the band to play guitar while Zhu Shuang Sheng replaced Zhang Wei on the drums. Li Yang got tired of the guitar and became a vocalist only. The band played its first show as a four piece a month later on the 1st Qingdao Beach Music Festival. Then they moved to Beijing for good and the drummer quit the band for personal reasons. Many drummers played with the band until they met the American Zack. Read more …

2 responses to “Demerit | Beijing Street Punk

  1. When will Demerit be playing in Beijing next?

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