Voodoo Kungfu’s Li Nan leaves! | Beijing Mongolian Thrash Ritual Metal gone

As announced on Weibo and as posted by Beijing Daze, Beijing Mongolian Thrash Ritual Metal act VOODOO KUNGFU (零壹) is breaking up as vocalist Li Nan (depicted above) got a chance to enter the Berklee College of Music. Well done Li, but sad for the metal world of Beijing, as one of the most creative singers is leaving.

I remember seeing Voodoo Kungfu for the first time back in 2007 when they performed after Spring Autumn in Yugong Yishan. Unsure what awaited me, Kaiser Kuo actually recommended me to stay after their set and give them a listen as (in his words) “They give me nightmares!”

They have always been on of my favorite metal acts in China and I was very glad to know that they had the chance to perform on the Wacken Metal Open Air 2008. Wishing Li Nan all the best in the states, let me point everybody to Voodoo Kungfu’s Douban page on which all songs have been enabled for download.

Note on the side: Whether or whether not one can call Voodoo Kungfu “Mongolian Thrash Ritual Metal” is a totally subjective statement with Li Nan being of different opinion:

“We don’t really call our music ‘metal’,” says Li Nan, “I call it new age war music, or maybe ‘dark age’. Yes, we are making music for a dark age.” – Cityweekend

Photo: Azchael, on Flickr

2 responses to “Voodoo Kungfu’s Li Nan leaves! | Beijing Mongolian Thrash Ritual Metal gone

  1. Real loss, they were one of the first who combined folk elements with “metal” when Ego Fall was still metalcore and Tengger Cavalry hasn’t exited…

  2. Agreed. I just hope that Li will come back soon and start or continue something new with the same power as when he started Voodoo Kungfu.

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