CORE IN CHINA | Bands that applied, bands that will be part of the compilation

CORE IN CHINA is coming to a closure in submissions and a first roundup of songs and bands brought out a couple of gems in the music scene of China: Why Lazy, Multi-Ego, New Tank, Die In Velvet and Monkey King.

Why Lazy is a metalcore band from Henan and surprised us with a very straight forward song which name I don’t want to give away right now.

Multi-Ego is from the Tongzhou district of Beijing and started 2008, heading straight forward.

New Tank, another representative of Beijing, is focussed on emotional post hardcore and also started in 2008.

Die In Velvet is one of several Hongkong bands that answered our call and submitted a song. They are HC.

Monkey King is a band that originates in Changsha, capital of Hunan province, and moved from screamo to hardcore, something that can still be heard in their music.

Rock in China is still collecting further songs until March 15th and we are looking forward to a number of promising songs that some of the bands are still recording.

Photo: Multi-Ego at their Nanjing gig


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