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Applying the corpse paint | Finalizing CORE IN CHINA

Same as the band EVILTHORN in the photo above, we are currently applying the last corpse paint on CORE IN CHINA. What does that mean?

Well, except having ended the official submission deadline, we have finalized the band and song selection for CORE IN CHINA. We have chosen 20 outstanding songs from all over China to be part of the compilation representing the new Chinese Metal underground on a global scale. And when we say represent on a global scale, then we mean global scale, because we are not lazy, but have started talking to magazines and webzines in Germany, South America, France, the USA, India and a couple of other countries whether they would like to review or feature the compilation. Unsurprisingly the feedback so far is very open-minded and we expected to be able to send out download links to most of our contacts.

If you have any contacts or friends or know someone that we should contact and forward the compilation (once it’s finished), tell us! Either send us an email to AZCHAEL AT ROCKINCHINA DOT COM or just post your comments here! We love to hear from you!

By the way, the photo is from a metal concert way back in 2008 in Beijing.


Interview with Raving Jokes | Chengdu Post Hardcore

Another participant of the CORE IN CHINA project has answered our tidious questions about metal and the Chengdu scene: Post hardcore band Raving Jokes.

Azchael: Can you please introduce yourself and the band RAVING JOKES?

Raving Jokes: My name is Huang Yao, currently serving as the band lead guitarist position. Our band was formed very rough, in the process of 2 years which replaced many times musicians, only I was the oldest member, now our team members are college students. The band members are metalcore fan, love of core music, so everyone together to rehearse what are more understanding.

Azchael: Have you guys signed with any record label?
Raving Jokes: Now we band also did not sign the record company, there is no fixed brand, adding some band union.

Azchael: What is the scene in Chengdu like? Are there many metalcore bands?
Raving Jokes: Now the Chengdu underground rock development is very optimistic, in Chengdu what style of music have, Chengdu people to the atmosphere! I now know Chengdu metalcore band may have more than 10 branches!

Azchael: What other domestic bands do you like?
Raving Jokes: There are many I like, such as Twisted Machine, Left Right , The Falling

Azchael: What is metalcore for you?
Raving Jokes: The metalcore is let me one’s blood boils with indignation. Can proceed without hesitation, a kind of energy, cause whatever I do will have the power of fire.

Azchael: Is your music and your way of life accepted by your parents?
Raving Jokes: The present situation of rock this way I can not go on, but I will adhere to not go now, but I will not erase the love of rock. My parents are very much against it, but we take part in some large-scale music festival, parents see my efforts, gradually changed the original attitude, as long as I do not delay the study they are all for me to go.

Azchael: In 2011, you went through a tour of Yunnan. What do you think of the scene there? Are there many metalcore fans?
Raving Jokes: Last year’s Yunnan tour is the first tour of our band, is unforgettable tour, although each acting out of many people, but in the tour process, we made a lot of local band musicians, exchange a lot of experience, processing a lot in the tour occurred during a temporary problem, let our tour the band’s each people more profound feelings, the first Yunnan tour gave us a lot of valuable experience.

Azchael: How do you promote your music? Do you promote overseas?
Raving Jokes: We want to put our own original DEMO recorded for the end of the year, after the issuance of the band ‘s first EP. At present we have not to overseas to promote our own music.

Azchael: What is underground for you? Are you underground?
Raving Jokes: I think the ground like a mine, wait for others to mining, while the band is the various types of various condition of ore. Our band is a mine which is slowly evolving ore.

Azchael: What do you think of Rock in China?
Raving Jokes: I think Rock in China is a way to the mine, or Rock in China is a rock bridge connecting with overseas. All in all I think Rock in China must exist!

Azchael: Thanks for the interview.
Raving Jokes: THANKS A LOT!

The Grinding Ear | Post Rock from Shijiazhuang

Having been surprised about Beijing Post-Rock, here is a band that is originally from Shijiazhuang: The Grinding Ear. Now basically home in Beijing, they are around since 2002 and have released three records in total. The following songs are from their 2005 CD called “Make It Dirty“.

Update: A word for the wise, the music below is from 2005 and as such in the early stages of The Grinding Ear. Slight musical diversions from the path of “pure” post rock are most likely and welcome.

Experimental music from and in Beijing | Pangbianr’s Take No. 2

Pangbianr has done it again! They have made good quality music available for free for interested listeners worldwide! In their own words:

This year’s compilation documents fresh-born newcomers, the deepening maturity of the Beijing 20-something noise set, and new moves from the Old Guard. In the last year, new bands like Mr. Ray (Beijing) and Stalin Gardens(Shanghai) have sprung up to say, “I see that weird post-punk shit you’re doing and we can do it too, and better, and younger!” In the last year the college-age-ish crowd around D-22′s Zoomin’ Night came into their own, reaching a peak just in time for the last ever Zoomin’ Night in January, mourning & celebrating the end of D-22‘s near 6-year life. The Zoomin’ kids have caught the attention of their forerunners, prompting scene godfatherYan Jun to include some of the young bucks in his recent “improv committees.”

Here are the Credits & Track Notes:

Cover artLulu Chow

1. Fat City – “Familiar (熟悉)”

outtake from the Fat City/Luxinpei “Super Split”

2. Stalin Gardens – “Osteosarcoma”
demo track from new Shanghai band:

3. 1/2 Heavy Korean – “乃哥的歌 (Joe’s Song)”
practice room recording, April 2011. more here:

4. MeiZhiYong (梅志勇) – “Good swing”
new, unreleased track from Northeastern China’s MeiZhiYong. check out his cassette label, Fuzz Tape:

5. Xiao Hong Yu Xiao Xiao Hong (小红与小小红) – “未命名 (unnamed song)”
live @ D-22′s final Zoomin’ Night, 10 January 2012. recorded by Zhu

6. Mr. Ray – “鱼 (fish)”
live at D-22′s Zoomin’ Night, 11 October 2011. recorded by Zhu

7. Carsick Cars + Li Qing + Yang Fan – “Fishing”
studio outtake, 17 February 2012

8. Chui Wan (吹万) – “new song/improv (新歌/即兴)”
live @ D-22′s final Zoomin’ Night, 10 January 2012. recorded by Will

9. Soviet Pop – “System * System”
Live recording of Soviet Pop`s “System * System” performance at Three Shadows Photography Gallery in Beijing, 24 April 2011. They used one 4-track recorder, two cassette players, and two modular synths. They recorded 4 different tracks of sound at different speeds. The samples are from Stockhausen and Tenjo Sajiki. more info on Soviet

10. Vagus Nerve (迷走神经) – “A Recurrence of 3600 Years”
Vagus Nerve is Li Jianhong and Vavabond. This is the last track on the unreleased Vagus Nerve album “Go Back to the Sirus.”

11. Ad Hoc Improv Committee (临时即兴委员会) – “Half-Animal workshop (excerpt)”
Ad Hoc Improv Committee plays at Half-Animal workshop (music as field recording), 1 March 2012, The Pavilion, Beijing. artists: Yan Jun, Olaf Hochherz, Yan Yulong, Zhang Shouwang, Li Zenghui, Li Qing, Shi Yang, VAVABOND, Iku Sakan. workshop concept by: Olaf Hochherz.

Interview with Mary Dolls | Baotou Metalcore (Inner Mongolia)

Our call to arms has even reached Inner Mongolia! Baotou metalcore band Mary Dolls had responded and participated in the song submission. Here is our take with them about the metalcore scene of Inner Mongolia.

Azchael: Can you please introduce yourself and the band?
Kun: My name is Zhai shuaiqin, but my friends usually call me Kun, I am the vocalist of Mary Dolls. Our band was founded in March 2010. The members of our band are all my friends, we have knew each other for many years. There are five members in our band, three of them have married, guitarist Wang Le, drummer Han Feng and me. The other members Wen and Ma are very young, we all living in Baotou , so our band is very stable.

Azchael: What instruments are you playing in the band? Which brand?
Kun: I’m using SHURE-sm58 microphone, guitars are SCHECTER made in Korea , and ESP made in Japan . Bass is WARWICK .

Azchael: Can you please describe the metal and metalcore scene in Baotou and in the rest of the Inner Mongolia?
Kun: Metal music was very popular in 2000, but it began to decline after that, the most important reason was we don’t have a stable place to perform, then our band was begin to conduct many rock performance since 2010, metal band in Baotou has increased to six from only one. Metal music in Inner Mongolia is very good now there are many bands in the rest of Inner Mongolia , and they all play very well.

Azchael: Are there a lot of bands in Inner Mongolia? A lot of venues?
Kun: Yes, there are many bands in Inner Mongolia , and there are many styles, metalcore, hardcore, punk, blues, and so on. They usually perform in a bar, there is only one live house in Inner Mongolia, it’s Ning Live House, in Hohhot . Many band performed in Ning, and there will be a new place to perform in Baotou in May, kind of a live house.

Azchael: Why did you choose to play metalcore?
Kun: We were all interested in metal music, and metalcore is more new, so we choose metal core.

Azchael: What is underground for you? Are you underground?
Kun: I think the indie band that did not controlled by money is underground, and they play music just for their dreams. I think we are underground.

Azchael: You have performed on the Asia Metal Festival? How was the performance?
Kun: Yes, in October 2011, we went to Beijing to take part in the Asian Metal Festival. We feel pretty good, the performance was very successful, we all feel relaxed.

Azchael: Do your parents accept the music you make?
Kun: They can’t accept our music at first, but after a lot of communication, they began to accept, I think communication is very important.

Azchael: How do you promote your music?
Kun: We don’t good at promote, we just make music, perform, and website such as weibo, douban, that’s all.

Azchael: What do you think of Rock in China?
Kun: It seems like Rock In China had conducted a lot of rock performance, I think it’s a good thing, rock music in China is not very popular, many people still can’t accept this kind of music, so I think Rock In China helps a lot to promote rock music in China .

Submission Deadline March 15th 2012 | Thanks for the songs!

Today is March 15th 2012 and today is the last day for submission of songs for the CORE IN CHINA project. Hereby the submission is closed and we are very thankful for your songs! Over 20 bands from all over China have participated and send us their musical creations.

From now on Rock in China is coordinating with all bands to fix the band biographies, interviews (if not already happened), song lyrics and final version of the songs (good quality mp3). Everything considered, May 2012 is only one-and-a-half months away and there is a lot to be done! Let’s do it!

Note: Above photo is from the band Mary Dolls.

Post Rock from Beijing | Free Compilation online

It seems the Chinese scene is slowly waking up and producing some fine free music online compilations dedicated to introducing Chinese music to the Western world. First there was “We Are Shanghai” and now there is “Beijing Post Rock“. Interestingly enough for me for I did not know too many Post Rock bands from the capital.

In the past mostly No Beijing-derived rock bands were mentioned in the media, especially with attendance of this years SXSW festival in the USA. Download the compilation from bandcamp, share it, forward it and send it to blogs in Europe! Spread the word! And prepare your sound system for another assault coming in May: CORE IN CHINA.

Listen to three songs of the compilation: