What once had been feared | Cui Jian in Jinan

Photo: 2011时代的晚上-崔健济南个人演唱会 摄影:宋晓辉 (Song Xiaohui)

Take a good look upon the photo above. What can be seen on this great piece of photography by Song Xiaohui is nothing less than a reflection of Chinese society and its assimilation of rock music into daily life.

As mentioned on Cui Jian’s homepage:

After an absence of 19 years, Cui Jian finally held his second concert entitled “Night of the Times 2011 – Cui Jian Concert “in July 23, 2011 in Jinan city. Cui Jian’s voice was still sonorous and forceful for the local audiences, and he played nearly 20 songs in 2 hours like “Wild on the snow”, “Balls under the red flag”, “Blue bone”, “A piece of red cloth”, “Rolling egg”, etc. Halfway through the concert, Cui Jian invited more than 10 female fans dancing, which made the atmosphere of the concert approach climax. Subsequently, “Nothing to my name”, the song made fans crazy in 19 years ago, performed by Cui Jian which pushed the atmosphere reach climax and more than 6,000 audiences singing with arm waving. The concert was ended with “Rock and roll on the New Long March”, but Cui Jian got 3 times encore, he played “Greenhouse girl”, “Like a knife” and “the city of springs” was again ignited by the passion of rock.

19 years ago (counted from 2011), had been 1992, three years after Cui Jian had performed at the huge open area infront of the Forbidden Palace with a red cloth around his eyes. At that time rock music and the impact for what it stand were feared in the People’s Republic of China. Cui Jian had suffered a live performance ban and a number of cancelled gigs without prior notice.

Nowadays however everything seems calm and quite. Mainstream society, whose representatives you can see in the above photo, enjoy rock music delivered to them by whom they call “Godfather of Chinese Rock’n’Roll”. And even the seemingly oppressive security force on the left of the photo is actually just chatting with one of the fans and doesn’t care about the more enthusiastic girl to the right.

And last but not least. have a look at the lady taking a photo or video of the performance. Song Xiaohui has captured not just the lady but her as a representatice of a modern China, wealthy enough to go to concerts, have their own phones and most propably also their own blog online…

Splendid photo!

2 responses to “What once had been feared | Cui Jian in Jinan

  1. Credit all goes to Song Xiaohui for taking it.

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