Oslo-Beijing Folk+Metal Compilation (Project) | Folk Metal

While our CORE IN CHINA project is coming to an end and we have fixed over 15 submissions already internally, another Rock in China supported project is rising up behind the horizon, the Oslo-Beijing Folk+Metal compilation.

Initiated by Yang of Painkiller Magazine,  Simon Fuellmann of Indie Recordings, Jan-Martin Jensen of Inferno Festival, the idea was born during one of Yang’s recent trips to Norway during which he met up with the creme-de-la-creme of Norway metal underground. Rock in China is one of the closer media partners and we will definitely utilize the experiences gathered in the CORE IN CHINA project to bring this second compilation forward.

Main idea for this compilation is not just a mere collection of songs, but a participation of bands in each other’s folklore and culture. Norway bands are playing Chinese folk songs and Chinese bands are plaing Norwegian folks songs. A similar project had been conducted by Fast Fly Records with their Poptastic Conversation China compilation a couple of years back, but I think the idea to give the music a very specific direction has more flair than just a mere collection of best-of songs.

Hence also the timeline for this project is a more conservative one than our current CORE IN CHINA one. Release of the Oslo-Beijing Folk+Metal compilation (caution: working title!) is planned for April 2013, i.e. in 13 months. Details and who else is participating (incl. band names) on our wiki …


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