Listen to Hongkong electronic punk called Papercoin

The good thing about Hongkong bands is that they have full access to the Internet and can speak very good English, hence the band Papercoin makes fully use of Facebook and Soundcloud. As they describe themselves:

Papercoin is an Electronic/Punk band from Hong Kong, formed in 2009. The principal members of the band are John Strohschein, Sanjay Leese, and Joey Orduna. We are currently unsigned, and all of our songs are self-produced. Our first release was the self-titled ‘Papercoin EP’, which came out in June 2010 and featured songs such as ‘Light A Fire’ and ‘Fallout’. Our second release, a self-produced, full-length album titled ‘The Noise From Insomnia’ was released on December 24, 2010.

Now, don’t expect Joyside, don’t think of P.K. 14 and definitely don’t think of Pet Conspiracy. Papercoin’s music is by far more ambient and pop punky, without any hard political themes or drunken emphasis. Not as energetic as White Eyes or Mix Market from Japan, but still lively enough to serve as more than background music for a relaxing night. Listen to a couple of their songs:


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