Interview with Villain | Macau Metalcore

Rock in China is proud to announce that also a band from Macau joined the CORE IN CHINA compilation project and submitted a song. Here is our interview with them about the Macau scene and metalcore. Azchael for Rock in China.

Azchael: Can you please introduce yourself and the band?
Villain: Villain is the only metalcore band in Macau at this moment.  The band was formed in 2009 by five locals: Lone (vocal), Celestino and Jerry (guitars), Fernando (bass) and Meatball (drum).

Azchael: Which instruments are you using, which brand?
Villain: Celestino – Gibson SG Standard (replaced the original pickups with EMG 81/85), Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier and Line 6 POD HD500.

Jerry – Jackson DK2 (replaced the bridge pickup with Seymour Duncan JB), Engl Powerball and Tech21-Sansamp GT2 (for gigs outside of Macau).

Fernando – Ibanez SR505, Hartke HA500 and MXR Bass D.I.+.

Azchael: Macau is a fairly small scene and city, compared to Beijing or Wuhan. Can you describe the music environment in Macau?
Villain: The music scene in Macau is very weak. Most of the bands in Macau are pop rock bands; and there are some bands playing other kinds of music such as post-rock, alternative rock, electro, etc. You may like to check the bands like Why Ocean, Forget the G, L.A.V.Y., Scamper and Evade, etc….

Azchael: What is the reception of metalcore music in Macau? It certainly isn’t mainstream, so how big is the scene?
Villain: Most people may find Metalcore more “acceptable” compared to other kinds of metal, so it will be easier for Metalcore to gain popularity among the young people. Like I said, we are the only metalcore band here in Macau. We used to have some good metal bands in the past like De-Aqua and Uni-k, but they stopped playing for some reasons.

Azchael: As I see that you have played in various cities in the Pearl River Delta, including Zhuhai and Hongkong, what was the reception of the audiences there to your music?
Villain: Undoubtedly, the audiences in Hong Kong and Mainland China are much more enthusiastic than those in the Macau. They never fail to show a tremendous amount of passion and enthusiasm in every concert they attend. We have had so many great experiences performing onstage in Hong Kong and Mainland China as we were thoroughly encouraged by the way the audiences supported us. In contrast, Macau people are generally passive and quiet. Can you imagine there are only 5 or 6 out of 150 audience doing mosh pit in the gig and the rest just stand there with their arms folded? Fortunately, the audiences in Macau are becoming more involved and we definitely look forward to a bigger scene in the future. We also hope that Macau will have more bands playing different kinds of music other than pop rock. We have enough pop-rock bands here.

Azchael: Have you ever thought about touring in China?
Villain: Sure, but we would like to record an EP before the tour and we hope we can do that.

Azchael: What do you see as the major influences in metalcore for your band and the current Chinese scene?
Villain: As metal is still not very popular within Macau’s music circle, we believe that Metalcore is a good starting point to draw people’s interest in it. For those who just have their first encounter with heavy music, Metalcore is more “acceptable” and relatively “softer”. Once the audiences have got used to metalcore, they will go for something heavier.


Azchael: Do you have plans to release a CD or EP anytime soon?

Villain: Yes, we are trying to produce an EP in near future.

Azchael: How do you promote your music? Being in Macau, do you rely on Douban or Facebook?

Villain: We are promoting our music through a variety of social network such as Facebook, Douban and Myspace. We have already uploaded some demos to Douban and Myspace.  Please check the following links – or

Azchael: Do you promote internationally (except China)?

Villain: We seldom do that on purpose, but those who are interested in our music can check us on Douban or Myspace.

Azchael: What do you think of

Villain: Honestly this is our first time to hear about, but we will start checking this site regularly from now on!

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