Applying the corpse paint | Finalizing CORE IN CHINA

Same as the band EVILTHORN in the photo above, we are currently applying the last corpse paint on CORE IN CHINA. What does that mean?

Well, except having ended the official submission deadline, we have finalized the band and song selection for CORE IN CHINA. We have chosen 20 outstanding songs from all over China to be part of the compilation representing the new Chinese Metal underground on a global scale. And when we say represent on a global scale, then we mean global scale, because we are not lazy, but have started talking to magazines and webzines in Germany, South America, France, the USA, India and a couple of other countries whether they would like to review or feature the compilation. Unsurprisingly the feedback so far is very open-minded and we expected to be able to send out download links to most of our contacts.

If you have any contacts or friends or know someone that we should contact and forward the compilation (once it’s finished), tell us! Either send us an email to AZCHAEL AT ROCKINCHINA DOT COM or just post your comments here! We love to hear from you!

By the way, the photo is from a metal concert way back in 2008 in Beijing.


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