CORE IN CHINA | Band & Song List

It has been many weeks since Rock in China announced it’s CORE IN CHINA project for the very first time. We already announced the participation deadline, closed the submissions and reviewed them in our small yet dedicated team. A couple of days ago we sent out the official selection emails and also informed those bands that didn’t make it. There was no case that we had to reject a song due to its bad quality, but with a total number of 20 songs and by far over thirty song submissions, we had to make a choice.

Right now, all songs are being “mastered” in Germany, with it being however less of a real mastering and more of a volume alignment as most bands already had pretty good mastering done before submission. Whilst we wait for the final song versions to be issued to Rock in China and whilst we wait for the designers to prepare our cover, here is the band and song list:

# Band Song Title
1 Why Lazy Dying in the dream
2 NewTank The Dreamer
3 Meat Sucks Buried the Truths
4 Ordnance Ask for a justification
5 Partisan Selfish
6 Monkey King Until you come 2010
7 Multi-Ego End Of Me
8 Mensheng 故謠 Ballad of Fallen
9 Die In Velvet 每天生每天死 (final mix)
10 Ashtemato JOKER同期录音人声完整版
11 Saving Molly To my friend
12 Luktomo We Are Luktomo
13 Beyond Cure Self Destruction
14 DustFall Dawn Late
15 Thyhazard Liar
16 King Ly Chee 在路上 feat. Andrew Neufeld (Comeback Kid)
17 Shut Up! Shut Down! Bros Holds On Firm Bloods
18 Raving Jokes No Vain
19 The Falling Circle II Circle
20 Mary Dolls 2012

We have already interviewed a number of these bands above and you can check out the interviews here:

PS: Photo taken from Multi Ego‘s Douban page.


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