We Are Shanghai Vol. 2 – Call For Artists

The WE ARE SHANGHAI compilation is a free online compilation of Chinese artists released to be a snapshot of the scene and to represent Shanghai. Now, the makers of this compilation make their plans true: Vol. 2 is going to be released. Here is their call for Shanghai artists:

Music-Makers of Shanghai,

It’s time to begin working on the next installment of We Are Shanghai!  We’re inviting you to submit a song for Volume 2, to be released later this year.  Volume 1 was well-received, and we’re looking forward to putting together a stellar lineup of bands and artists for the next one.

Here’s the deal: You have until the end of June to submit to us a high-quality .wav file of a song of yours.  We’d prefer it if songs were under 5 minutes in length, but that’s not a hard and fast rule.  Last time, we had more submissions than we could use, and we’re really hoping to get even more this time around.  We’re looking for good songs from a wide spectrum of genres. We want songs and artists that represent what’s happening in Shanghai and who are actively shaping the city’s music scene.

While all tracks are welcome, this compilation is a great opportunity for you to showcase new music.  As such, we hope that you’ll provide us with something that was recorded relatively recently, if not a new song altogether.  If you guys need help, JC and Nichols may be available for mixing and other recording assistance.

Also, if you are a graphic artist and would like to contribute to the cover art, let us know! Please send your submissions and other questions to jc@twinhorizon.com.

Bren, Nichols, Adam, JC and Ivan


差不多是要准备下一张《We Are Shanghai》的时候了!在此我们邀请你们为即将在今年底发布的合集第二弹贡献提交一首歌。第一弹反响特别好,所以我们期待再次集结一批闪亮耀眼的乐队和艺人。






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