An honest review of touring China – by Leighton Koizumi

Thanks to Cool Ghoul for pointing out this highlight of a tour diary / tour summary, written by Leighton Koizumi. The usual tour diary of a foreign band reads something like “Wow! Awesome! Great! So hard! Still so good! Let’s do it again!”, bringing forward the typical “it’s a developing country, so don’t expect much” attitude paired with the enthusiasm of finally being discovered (for so many bands that came, well… are not so famous back home).

As such it is refreshing to read a piece of experience that is very personal in its writing style and yet offering a lot of advice once one has discarded all the one-time negative happenings. The complaints about lack of equipment, lack of tour management, shitty accomodation, endless train rides, etc. reflects probably what most bands are experiencing.

Some might call it a rant, I applaud him for his honesty and guts to just say what he feels!

Read Part 1 and Part 2.

Photo, courtesy of Azchael, Raging Mob at 13 Club, unrelated to the above blog posts but still cool looking foreigners in China.


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