The whole of Chinese music



Rock in China has expanded over the course of November. As already announced on Facebook, we got an additional domain: And along with it we got a broader perspective on the music we want to make accessible for readers worldwide!

Underground & Rock music is the core of Rock in China with over 1500 artists, numerous records, articles, books and videos for the interested mind. Now we plan (and have partially already implemented) to do the same for pop/mainstream music, traditional folk music, Chinese opera and Western classical music.

It is our aim to become the biggest world-wide free accessible wiki for Chinese music. This site is non-commercial and will stay so! Everybody collected by the community becomes open content to be re-used and enjoyed! With a few exceptions (whereever noted) all content is available for sharing, especially with our new feature: RDF!

What does that mean? That means if you have a music website and you want to have a list of all Chinese artists that are out there along with their city of origin and when they started to rock out, then you can call upon our database and get that information as RDF export in XML. For free, for re-using, for making sure that Chinese music gets out into the world! How it works? Read it up on our semantic approach article, which explains our data structure, semantic properties and softwares we use.

And to not boast too much about it, along with is already now the biggest English archive and database for Chinese music. Why? See for yourself:

Please help us to work on the database to make it even bigger, even more awesome, even more knowledgeable.


One response to “The whole of Chinese music


    Best of luck with that, awesome work as usual.

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