RiC / MCN – Discovering China’s cities – Geographical music

Screenshot_BeijingWe already mentioned the new artists pages (incl. advanced magic) and the refined genre pages that are being featured at Rockinchina.com and Music-China.org. Now let’s have a look at the new City Pages, e.g. Beijing (screenshot above). Following a similar layout as the other pages, every city page offers a Google Maps displaying all documented venues in that city!

That is being made possible by the semantic property GeoLocation which is to be entered on any venue form. E.g. on the page of D-22 the geographical location 39° 59′ 27″ N, 116° 19′ 4″ E is being mentioned. This property is being called up on the city page along with all other Beijing venue geodata to be displayed on a Google Map.

Next to map there is our standard box with general information about the city including its name (English, Chinese, Pinyin), its semantic relationship to it being a province, as well as three magic numbers that are being generated from our semantic database:

  • Number of bands associated
  • Number of venues in town
  • Number of musicians born or died in town

These figures are automatically compiled using the data entered on either ARTIST pages, VENUE pages or PEOPLE pages. When you click on the links for (show all), you will see the individual lists.

Additionally as on most other pages, also the Template:Definitions is being set that allows to semantically connect a city to the same entity at either wikipedia, dbpedia or freebase.

Our magic template {{ArticleinPage}} is also working on city pages and relates any ARTICLE that has been tagged with Beijing to this city page.

Here is a little Infographic that shows the interwiki relations:

Infographic - CityAs always, all semantic relations, including the band / musician / venue relations are available as RDF Export on the city page (e.g. RDF Export for Beijing). And via the semantic linkage to the Open Linked Data Cloud (sameas property to dbpedia, etc.), all data can be entered and re-used!


3 responses to “RiC / MCN – Discovering China’s cities – Geographical music

  1. D-22 probably isn’t a good example to be using here.

  2. It being closed, yes that’s true…

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