RiC / MCN – A little bit of magic for events

Screenshot_Events1Another day, another post about the semantic magic that is happening over at merry merry Rock in China and Music-China.org: Events & Festivals!

Previously being lone pages that by hand were featured on our main page, events have become far more lively thanks to the magic worked by Semantic Mediawiki! As you can see in the above screenshot, we feature a moveable timeline showing all documented events in the system, starting with the latest one. As we haven’t entered all events with semantics, only a handful show up, such as

Screenshot_Events4Our stylish new form is asking for a few of the key facts of every event:

  • Poster
  • Title
  • Start date & time, End date & time
  • Organizer (you can add more than one)
  • Event Location (you can add more than one, e.g. for JUE festival, Beijing and Shanghai)
  • Participants (i.e. bands and artists)

These data will then be included in a factbox to the right of the page and a brief section about the bands is being added:

Screenshot_Events2To be honest, our events section is not as advanced as our artist page, but there are already a few cool effects we have added to make your data input more than just a plain events page:

Special events are being displayed on the VENUE page of the event, e.g. check out the Starlive or the Shanghai MAO live house page which display these events in a nice gallery:

Screenshot_Events3With release of SMW 1.8 and SMR 1.8 (incl. its enhanced gallery function) we hope to roll out this special treatment with backlinks to the event not just on venue pages but also on artists pages and on city pages. Surplus there are plans to make all events available based on genre selection (but that will require a little bit more magic beans).

For more info on our semantic implementation of events, its properties and class equivalences, check out our Semantic Approach project page.



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