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German TV ZDF broadcasts MINIMAL CHINA, 50 minutes about the techno scene of China

German TV station ZDF showed a special about Chinese trance, electro and minimal music, starting with a party on the Great Wall and commentary by Zhang Youdai and Elvis. T.

Kuddos to Rene for pointing that one out.


The Grinding Ear | Post Rock from Shijiazhuang

Having been surprised about Beijing Post-Rock, here is a band that is originally from Shijiazhuang: The Grinding Ear. Now basically home in Beijing, they are around since 2002 and have released three records in total. The following songs are from their 2005 CD called “Make It Dirty“.

Update: A word for the wise, the music below is from 2005 and as such in the early stages of The Grinding Ear. Slight musical diversions from the path of “pure” post rock are most likely and welcome.

Interview with Why Lazy | Henan Metalcore from Zhengzhou

Our first official confirmation for CORE IN CHINA had been Henan metalcore band WHY LAZY. And while submission is hereby closed as March 15th 2012 has been reached, Rock in China is currently evaluating all submitted songs and reaching out to the bands for interviews and further information. Here is the interview with Why Lazy:

Azchael: Hi folks, I would like to interview you.

WL: Great! Its our pleasure to have the interview with Rock In China.

Azchael: Can you please introduce yourself and the band?

WL: We formed in 2007 with Nu-metal style,and then transferred
to metalcore, post-hardcore. Anyway, u can still find nu-metal feeling in our music a little bit.

Azchael: What instruments are you using? What brand?

WL: In our opinion,the instrument is serving for musician.W e try to work out the best effect in the limited condition is always fun.
GUITAR1:LTD PD-1,distortion IBANEZ TK999,overdrive IBANEZ ts-9,delay biyang ad10,denoise BOSS NS-2
guitar2: cort m600,distortion Blackstar ht-5,overdrive MAXON OD808,delay MXR M169,denoise BOSS NS-2,reverberation EH Holy Grail Nano.
bass:fender 013 6760,preceding stage MXR m80,compress MXR M132

Azchael: How is the metal scene in Zhengzhou? What are the livehouses like? How many people come to the gigs there?

WL: It was amazing in pasting time.but most of nice bands have been dismissed.7 Live House is the most professional venue in henan,the number of the audience is still growing.because different style can attract different fans,so its diffcult to estimate it.

Azchael: With most of China’s metal acts located in Beijing, is it difficult for you to play your music in Zhengzhou?

WL: Frankly,everywhere is the same.But the attitude is most essential.making music at my hometown can make us feel more light from the pressure of economy,but the scene of it or the opportunity will worse than in beijing.

Azchael: You are going on tour this year through a number of China’s cities. What are your expectations?

WL: we hope to contribute something for this heavy music market,and try to let more people know the new school core music.let it into a good development is essential.To sum up,i hope every city can rock our hearts!

Azchael: What do you think are the influences for post hardcore in China? Which foreign bands impress you most?

WL: The Falling and Multi-Ego do impact on us domestically.and our favourite is THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA ,OF MICE & MEN ,miss may i oversea.they are wonderful.

Azchael: Your EP Precipitation was released by Mort Productions last year. How did you get discovered by Mort Productions?

WL:we just wanna release it ourselvs at first,but the boss of mort productions found us in,and then we sign the recording contract with them,and all u can know is the coming happened.

Azchael: How do you promote your music? Do you also do promotion overseas?

WL: we do the promotion by , or something website else more often.but we still have no plan to promote overseas

Azchael: What is underground for you? Are you underground?

WL: underground is an attitude for us,in chinese rock music scene,the model of development has been changed a the major groups,we are still underground.

Azchael: What other Chinese bands do you like?
WL: Yaksa, The Falling, Multi-Ego, New Tank, Four Five and so on…

Azchael: What do you think of Rock in China?
WL:RIC is greatful to china,different rock bands can promote themselves to the people have no idea of chinese rock n’roll in such a medium.RIC is an useful promoter for china to the world.

Azchael: Thanks for the interview!
WL: Its our honor to accept the interview from you!thanks!

Discovering Chinese metal | Taipei Metal Website

Another great way to discover new Chinese or Taiwanese metal bands is the website Taipei Metal. They provide a lot of information and links to band Facebook pages or websites in English, as well as up-to-date concert information for major metal performances in Taipei.

The website further features interviews with various bands and record reviews of Taiwanese metal releases. Awesome! Here are some videos of Taiwanese metal bands for your consideration from their Youtube channel:


Interview with Eatliz | Israeli Art Rock coming to China

Israeli visual art band Eatliz is coming to China! Reason enough for Rock in China to have a closer look at the band and interview them. Eatliz for the band and Azchael for Rock in China. In between a couple of songs from their bandcamp and other places.

Azchael: Can you please introduce yourself and the band?
Eatliz: We are Eatliz, Art Rock band based in Tel Aviv, Israel, formed in 2001. We have with 3 guitars (and lots of pedals) – Or bahir, Guy Ben Shetrit and Omer Hershman, Lee Triffon on lead vocals, Omry Hanegby on drums and Hadar Green on Bass.

Azchael: What instruments are you playing in the band? Which brand?
Eatliz: Or has Fender Telecaster 78 with 58&69 pick up and Gibson les Paul standart 82, Guy has Jazzmaster fender 72, Omer has Jazzmaster fender 65, Hadar Bass Fender Precision 72, Omry Tama starclassic and Sabian evolution Cymbals.

Azchael: Eatliz is coming to China in March, amongst others for the JUE Festival. How did you get the idea for coming to China?
Eatliz: During SXSW, the biggest showcase festival in the US we met Ray and Victor from Panda artists management who came with their great artists. They checked out our showcase, liked what they saw and thought it will fit to bring Eatliz to Asia, especially China. After we finished our North America tour we started working with Panda until realizing this extensive tour.

Azchael: When you come to China do you try to represent Israel in terms of music or do you rather try to present yourself as art rock band?
Eatliz: We are presenting Art rock from Israel, so it’s a combination. Israel is a melting pot of cultures and it reflects our music that is like a melting pot of music genres; from metal to Middle Eastern music, from Indie rock to Goth and surf.

Azchael: What is the rock scene in Israel like? Is music very political over there?
Eatliz: The vibrant rock scene is alive and kickin’. It is focused in Tel Aviv, which we see it as a smaller version of New York, Berlin or London with tons of great music from all genres, with lots of rock groups, played in venues, pubs, clubs and small cafes every night. Endless amount of music talent. Seems like the more rehearsal rooms are opened the more bands pop up. Most of the artist doesn’t mix their art with politics, but there are some hip hop groups that deal with political issues.

Azchael: What made you guys play rock music? Confronting some of my Chinese friends with Israel, they replied me that “Israel is not a place known for rock, it’s a place known for war”, what do you say about it?
Eatliz: We all grew on stuff like Pixies, Lush and Jeff Buckley so it was very natural to play rock music.
We are aware of this twisted “war zone” stereotype of Israel, and of course it’s related to the mass media tendency to highlight conflicts and avoiding everything else. Israel and specially Tel Aviv is a very western place with a strong connection to the western world’s streams of music, film, fashion and art. When we tour abroad and tell we are from Israel, the reaction is always a surprise. Some people still think we live in the desert and ride camels so it’s very funny. When they get to hang with us they understand they shouldn’t be fed by media stereotypes and that they have to come and check Tel Aviv for its special energy and vibe.

Azchael: As you are making your debut tour to China, what is your expectation of the music scene of China? What have you heard so far and what are you excited about to experience here?
Eatliz: We know the music scene is really growing in China. We know Turtle Giant, Battle Cattle and Yourboyfriendsucks! That are going to play with us during the tour, and we expect to meet new sounds, people and bands.
Everything is China fascinates us. Landing in China, get responses to our music from the crowd and see this unique Region. Every person that we meet and tell him we are about to tour China have one word to say to us and that’s Woooow! Seems like Israelis that traveled China can’t deliver the whole experience from China in words and they remain speechless and narrow it down to Wooow. So we are definitely expecting this Wooow.

Azchael: Your poster was designed by Wei Yan, how did you get in contact with her for the poster?
Eatliz: We came across, which is an inspiring Chinese art portal and saw Wei Yan’s great art work. Immediately we went to her personal website and really like her singular style. We contacted her by e-mail and were happy to get her bless and design for Eatliz tour e-flyers. Posting her work on our social media websites got cool responses asking about her so it’s very cool. We are looking forward to meet her in our JUE performance in Beijing.

Azchael: Chinese art in general has experienced a high time in the past several years with the name of a very famous Chinese artists being present on the Tate Museum in London during his difficult time. How present is Chinese contemporary art in Israel?
Eatliz: We are not great contemporary art consumers so it’s hard for us to answer this. Recently we are discovering great Chinese music and designers so we’ll definably spread it to our friends and fans. Rumors say the art scene in Beijing is wild so we are happy we get the chance to check it out soon.

Azchael: What is underground for you? Are you an underground band?
Eatliz: Underground is what expands the boundaries of the mainstream in order to make it more interesting and meaning full. It’s like a city with two floors, where the lower floor is a parallel universe that has an important role in influencing the culture. In this sense, Eatliz is an underground band.

Azchael: Thanks for the interview!
Eatliz: Thank you for having us. Looking forward to meet you in our tour!

Check out their tour 2012 dates:

  • 17.3 Guangzhou @ 191space, with: Turtle Giant (Macau)
  • 18.3 Hong Kong @ Hidden Agenda, with: Turtle Giant (Macau)
  • 19.3 Changsha @ Freedom House
  • 20.3 Wuhan @ Vox
  • 21.3 Nanjing @ 61House
  • 22.3 Hangzhou @ 9-Club
  • 23.3 Shanghai @ JUE | Music + Art Festival, Yuyintang, with: Yourboyfriendsucks! (Guangzhou), Battle Cattle (Shanghai)
  • 24.3 Beijing Music Video and Animation Screening and Q&A @ The Hutong
  • 25.3 Beijing @ JUE | Music + Art Festival, Tango, with: Devil Music Ensemble (USA)

Free Music from Shanghai | Next Year’s Love | Noisy Rock

Straight outta Shanghai and with a pretty cool cover comes noise rock band Next Year’s Love and their latest self-titled EP.

Andy Best pointed them out to me, when I visited him in Shanghai and we had the chance to seem the live! Three young energetic girls playing noisy music for noisy people.

Next Year’s Love a video by Azchael on Flickr.

And now they have released their record with the help of Andy and his Qu Records record label. Kuddos to that and thanks for sharing the music on bandcamp. Interested in what others said? Read a review on Pangbianr and Smart Shanghai.

Why Lazy – Dark of War | CORE IN CHINA – Song 01

As mentioned earlier, the first bands have been chosen, and here (as a teaser) is the very first song of the compilation: DARK OF WAR by Why Lazy.

The song is a message against the darkness of war, its crimes and atrocities. It is a message to not forget those that are too often forgotten, the victims and innocent.

Update: After being rejected by Youku earlier, the video is now also accessible in China.