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CORE IN CHINA – Presented by Painkiller Magazine

PAINKILLERLadies and Gentlemen – It is revealed! CORE IN CHINA was included in issue number 48 of the Painkiller Heavy Music Magazine as CD!!!

We are very proud that our project attracted so much attention not just overseas, but also in China itself, so that the guys of Painkiller decided to include the CD as free gimnick in their magazine to be distributed nation-wide!!!

For those who haven’t listened to the CD yet, get a free download copy here!

Hail metal!!!



This is rock! This is Shanghai! – Download “We Are Shanghai”

As others have pointed out, the Shanghai scene has a new masterpiece of music out: the compilation record WE ARE SHANGHAI featuring 20 local Shanghai rock, punk and indie bands hammering their way into the ears of the 2000s generation.

As a statement to the world, Zangnan Records, Luwan Rock and Twin Horizons kicked out this record with foreigner and Chinese only bands hoping to be able to make a second compilation soon with a more heavier influence. Meanwhile … head over to bandcamp and get the download.


  1. Duck Fight Goose – Light is God’s Bread
  2. Boys Climbing Ropes – The Knitting Song
  3. Stegosaurus? – Stinky Tofu
  4. The Beat Bandits – Sukiyaki Beat
  5. Break for Borneo – Complicated
  6. Friend or Foe – Crazy Eye (The Horses Remix)
  7. The Dangxin Mofos – Geeky Boy
  8. Rainbow Danger Club – Drown The Creatures
  9. X is Y – Never Sever
  10. Pairs – I Wanna Die in the Ocean
  11. Dragon Pizza – Bomb Cola
  12. Moon Tyrant – I am the Way
  13. The Fever Machine – Heartbrokenbleedin’ Again
  14. The Instigation – No Way Out
  15. The Horde – Beijing Sucks
  16. Sonnet – Perfect Son
  17. The Song Dynasty – Slow
  18. Top Floor Circus – 进来白相相 (Jin Lai Bu Xiang Xiang)

Digital Only Tracks

  1. Baltic States – The North Sea
  2. Little Punk – I’m Not in the Mood for Making a Song