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DRAGON CITY DVD trailer (2011)

This is the trailer for the mainland Chinese DVD release of DRAGON CITY, starring NONAME. It is the first post-apocalyptic, punk rock narrative shot in mainland China. Its world premier will be in Xi’an, summer 2011.

DRAGON CITY (2011) Directed and edited by Darryl Pestilence,
Producers: Yao Rui and Lee Wenge, Cinematography: Yong Faner, Cameras: Yong Faner and Gao Chaohui, Production Manager: Xiao Zheng, Music by: NONAME.

Starring: NONAME (Yao Rui, Zhang Hui, Hong and Mars), David Nestor, Gao Yang, Feng Kai, and Lee Wenge.

A Kids Union Records/Pestilence Pictures International production.

NONAME/ NO NAME are a Xi’an, Shaanxi Province-based punk band from mainland China. They’ve been together since 2000.


Movie: Wasted Orient by Kevin Fritz available!

Wasted Orient DVD Cover

The documentary about Chinese punkers Joyside, called Wasted Orient and directed by Kevin Fritz is available on amazon.com and amazon.co.uk these days. Fritz accompanies Joyside on their China Tour and documents their rock’n’roll life. The movie is avaiable on DVD and has a playtime of approx. 92 minutes.

Another movie of the Chinese music scene, Beijing Bubbles by Susanne Messmer and George Lindt, with Joyside and other bands like Hang On The Box and New Pants is said to be released in January on Fly Fast Records together with a new album from Car-Sick Cars.