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Artist of the week: Muma (木马)

The band Muma was formed in July 1998 and has quickly established itself as a core element of Beijing’s melancho-rock scene. Awarded “The Best Rock Band of The Year” and “The Best Chinese Albums of The Year” by the 4th Chinese Music Media Awards in July 2004, the band had rosen from the status of an unknown rock act to superstars in the rock scene.

They have released in total three records and they joined not only the Midi festival, but they were also allowed and invited to be shown on the various Midi Music Festival DVDs. Muma supported The International Noise Conspiracy during their Beijing concert and were continously awarded “Best Rock Act” or “Best rock band” by the Chinese Music Media Awards and the Pepsi Music Awards.

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Muma at Midi

Beijing rock band Muma performing live at a festival. From the stage setup I assume that it is the Midi Festival, though I cannot make it sure.

The band Muma rose to fame during the last four years and released three records (two major releases, Muma and Velly Empire, and one EP). Playing melancholic soft rock with a tendancy towards gothic, grunge and post rock (as indicated by various listeners), the sound of Muma often somehow sounds searching and missing a component. Maybe it was this missing, this aimlessness that attracted so many young listeners. This is Muma. (disbanded)

Please… notice the vocals hat. Cool!