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A little bit of punk history …

Check out Pangbianr’s lengthly interview with Jerry Chan, founder of The Beijinger about his involvement in the punk underground and the scene in late 90s / beginning 00s.

Photo: Ricky of Rustic, totally unrelated to the interview.


MUSIC KINGDOM episode 3 (uncut)

Part three of the MUSIC KINGDOM video series. Thanks once again to Cool Ghoul in our Facebook group for posting it! His statement:

The third episode of MUSIC KINGDOM, with a handful of Beijing bands: RUSTIC, RESIDENCE A, DEMERIT, HEDGEHOG and THE DANCERS. Up next will be a handful of Xi’an-based bands. Available in your preferred flavor of stream (including two hot-running flavors of HD). Enjoy and feel free to link, embed, etc.

The youtube description further states:

This is the third episode for MUSIC KINGDOM: a weekly, half-hour trip into the past, present and future of mainland Chinese rock’n’roll music. At the present it will be airing on the following stations in the United States: ACTV Channel 20 in Atkinson, New Hampshire, CAT TV in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Time-Warner Cable Channel 98 of Syracuse, New York, and on OSM Channels 16 or 18 (TBD) in Schenectady, NY.. Selected episodes will be uploaded to Youtube.

On this edition of MUSIC KINGDOM, we’re focusing on some independent rock bands based in Beijing. We feature two bands that the folks @ Maybe Mars Records are marketing as part of a “Generation 6” indy rock movement (that’s up for debate): RUSTIC and RESIDENCE A; we hear from Beijing transplants (by way of Shandong province) DEMERIT, and indy rock legends HEDGEHOG, plus a brief bit on the meteoric rise and fall of THE DANCERS (complete with a performance).

It’s 30 minutes of punk, rock’n’roll, shoe gazing and some silliness by way of exclusive live performances.

If you would like to keep on top of mainland Chinese music with the click of a mouse, check out: rockinchina dot com. MUSIC KINGDOM is not affiliated with RIC, but we heartily endorse their endeavor.

I am the creator and rights holder to this video and it has been uploaded with my permission.

This video is uploaded under the Creative Commons Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 agreement.