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The ‘CORE scene of China | Screamo, Deathcore, Metalcore, Nintendocore

With guys like the ones above (Monkey King) hitting the stages of China, the metal scene has seen an invasion of ‘CORE related music in recent years.

Started in 2006-2008 with the likes of Ego Fall, re-born Yaksa, Hollow and Nuclear Fusion-G, the scene has moved forward and produced a number of quality bands screaming and thrashing their way into the hearts of the young generation.

With genres even as remote to traditional metal as Nintendocore – which was first introduced to China by leading artist HORSE THE BAND in 2008 – the wave of emo bands and hardcore bands that were pushed by HotPot Music certainly paved the way for Screamo to take its place among the hot and powerful. The 2007 compilation record King-Size China 2 already featured a range of bands that left the old school nu-metal and emo paths to divert into the heavier and more extreme genres.

Nowadays one has to open Douban to see the sprouts shooting up in every city with the likes of From Sad To Dead with their electronic influence and Tribute to Attack Attack! to emocore made in Wuhan, Romeo Bleed to die(喋血罗密欧), and Beijing’s Tun Shu (豚鼠乐队) deathcore advances.

For those interested in these core-related sounds, I can highly recommend to check out the following Douban groups and their links to bands and songs:

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